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The Justice Studies Student Group Task Force

Founded in the fall of 2009, the Justice Studies Student Group Task Force was created to promote camaraderie and collaboration between the student groups in the Justice Studies Department. The Task Force is made up of two members of each of the JS student groups as well as representatives from the graduate program and recent JS alumni.



They established the Confidence Challenge, a physical agility event in which teams compete against one another in a friendly but challenging version of the physical agility test for law enforcement with a creative twist.

The purpose of this competition is to give students and faculty an idea of the physical challenges which must be met by law enforcement candidates, but more importantly, it promotes camaraderie and companionship throughout the Justice Studies Department. It has been hugely successful and has become an annual event every spring.

The Task Force has also taken on the responsibility for organizing and hosting the Justice Studies Department Convocation ceremony. Their first ceremony, the fall 2013 convocation, was well received by faculty and graduates alike.

JS Student Groups

Alpha Phi Sigma

Alpha Phi Sigma recognizes academic excellence of Undergraduate and Graduate students of Criminal Justice, as well as Juris Doctorate students.The Goals of Alpha Phi Sigma are to honor and promote academic excellence; community service; educational leadership and unity. Alpha Phi Sigma is the only Criminal Justice Honor Society which is a certified member of The Association of College Honor Societies and affiliated with The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

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Chi Pi Sigma


Chi Pi Sigma is a co-educational, criminal justice fraternity here at San Jose State University. For over 75 years our fraternal organization has provided criminal justice and law enforcement professionals from the local all the way up to the federal level, as well as the private sector. The goal of this fraternity is to provide its members with the social, professional, and educational skills and networks needed in order to succeed in the field of criminal justice. We also strive to do whatever we can to help the Justice Studies department, San Jose State University, and the surrounding Bay Area community.

For more information please visit our website: http://www.chipisigma.org/

Forensic Science Students (FSS)

Forensic Science Students is an undergraduate student group for any major interested in field of Forensic Science. The group is designed to establish connections between students and be a peer network for advising. The group's goals are to introduce as many students to the world of Forensic Science as possible. Forensic Science students have also helped with many forensic science organizations such as the California Association of Criminalists and American Academy of Forensic Science along with various other events on campus and around the bay area.

For more information please visit our website: https://sites.google.com/site/forensicsciencestudents/home

Justice & Law Student Association

Justice & Law Student Association was founded in 2013 and allows for occupied students to engage in a low maintenance organization, while still attaining a sense of community within the department. Furthermore, Justice & Law Student Association discusses various controversial issues while addressing the needs of their community.

The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the task force.